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VCF Cable Support

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Review by Olaf Sturm of HiFi & Records, 2018:

"I can’t really recall the first time I noticed that someone had put speaker cables on some kind of support. Given that I’m generally interested in all kinds of Hi-Fi accessories, I somehow managed to ignore this particular branch of the field rather successfully for a long time. Maybe this is because I have seen fanciful contraptions of this kind topple over like dominoes on many occasions at Hi-Fi shows. Recently I found myself discussing one of these occasions with Manfred Diestertich, Head of Development at AUDIO PHYSIC and well known for his own high ambitions when it comes to sound quality. To my surprise (and mild shock) it turned out that AUDIO PHYSIC had just added such a product to its line-up of accessories, called VCF Cable Support.

 These Vibration Control Feet for cables are based on AUDIO PHYSIC’S existing VCF range and come in sets of two. In my system I use 2.5 meters of cable for each speaker, requiring four VCF Cable Supports per side. The Cable Supports consist of a foot containing a tensioned SSC Fabric (String Suspension Concept) and covered by an aluminium cap. On top of this sits the raised arm for the cable support surface made of foam rubber. Velcro straps are there to secure the cable  – and make it possible to simply turn the VCF Cable Supports over for a quick A/B comparison.

I’m currently using the Dynaudio Special Forty as speakers in my system, and they have proven to be excellent acoustical magnifying glasses – that’s important as I was expecting only very subtle differences in the sound, if any at all. For the same reason I chose Mussorgsky’s Night On Bald Mountain as the music used for this test. But it soon transpired that the differences are not that subtle at all. When placing the speaker cables on the VCF Cable Supports there were noticeable changes in many details, amounting to an absolutely impressive overall result. Especially stunning was how much more focused the reproduction seemed to be and how much tighter the bass was.

 I’d love to give a reliable technical explanation for this clearly demonstrable improvement of sound quality, but I have none to offer. It might have to do with certain microphonic effects relating to the mechanics of the cable itself, but that’s just a guess. Whatever the reason, the effect has been confirmed in various blind tests, so it’s there. And therefore my HMS Suprema cables will henceforth rest on AUDIO PHYSIC’s VCF Cable Supports."